This is a small one-syllable word that carries with it some pretty significant meaning and movement. The word “change” can be a noun or a verb. Either way it’s used, it implies movement or making something different.

There are things that I do in nearly the same way every day – I go to the same house, to the same family and eat some of the same food, sit it the same recliner, watch some of the same type TV shows.  I’m definitely a creature of habit (or doing the same thing).  The problem comes when I develop a bad habit or I need to change something up….or if something changes without my permission and I have to adjust. Constant change is the only thing consistent in my world and I must learn to adjust.

The people of Judah were told very clearly by Jeremiah in the temple courts that they had better change their lives or God was about to punish them and change things Himself.  They did not like the message Jeremiah brought and were ready to kill him when he made one last appeal. Check this out….

 12 Then Jeremiah spoke these words to all the officers of Judah and all the other people: “The Lord sent me to say everything you have heard about this Temple and this city. 13 Now change your lives and start doing good and obey the Lord your God. Then he will change his mind and not bring on you the disaster he has told you about. 14 As for me, I am in your power. Do to me what you think is good and right. 15 But be sure of one thing. If you kill me, you will be guilty of killing an innocent person. You will make this city and everyone who lives in it guilty, too! The Lord truly sent me to you to give you this message.” (Jeremiah 26:12-15 NCV)

 Jeremiah clearly told them that God wanted things to change in their lives immediately. Some things change and feel worse to begin with. I’ve learned that the only thing consistent and reliable is that things change and are unreliable or inconsistent.

The Lord is the ONLY PERSON I know Who is consistent in character and truth. He doesn’t negotiate truth – He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is faithful and He epitomizes the word FAITHFUL! I must change my agenda to His. I must change my attitude to His. I must change my choices to His. I must surrender my life to the life He has for me.  I must change some things today!

 Pressing On!

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