Captured Heart

At one time the Israelites were captured and taken to another country. They were separated from their families and loved ones. This was a very dark time in their history. The Psalmist speaks to this because their songs had stopped. It’s hard to write a happy song when you’re at the low point of your life. Check this out…

1 By the rivers in Babylon we sat and cried
       when we remembered Jerusalem.
 2 On the poplar trees nearby
       we hung our harps.
 3 Those who captured us asked us to sing;
       our enemies wanted happy songs.
       They said, “Sing us a song about Jerusalem!”
 4 But we cannot sing songs about the Lord
       while we are in this foreign country!
 5 Jerusalem, if I forget you,
       let my right hand lose its skill.
 6 Let my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth
       if I do not remember you,
    if I do not think about Jerusalem
       as my greatest joy. (Psalm 137:1-6 NCV)

 You can feel the sorry and pain of the captured ones. They are pretty blue about the situation they are in. They certainly don’t want to entertain their captors at all.

This passage also sent me down a different path of thinking about being captured. It was a good thought of my heart being captured by God. When I met Him, I was captivated at Who He is and what He’s capable of.  My heart is His home by choice. I also thought of the early days when I was dating Tina – who is now my wife. It wasn’t long after that first date that I knew she had stolen my heart. It was not a painful or bad thing. I was good with it!

The take-a-way that I got from this whole captured thing made me think of a song that I love.  Check out the chorus…

 You’ve stolen my heart
Yes You have
You’ve stolen my heart
Yes You have
You’ve wiped away the stains
And broke away the chains
Yes You have (“Yes You Have” Leeland)

I think the entire song is a great picture of a captured heart. I linked the entire song here.

I must say that when my heart is captured by the Lord I’m super content and settled. I want Him to have my whole heart and not just parts of it.

Pressing On!

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