Broken & Repaired

There have been times growing up that I’ve broken things that were valuable to my Mom. I was maybe a bit careless and clumsy. Sometimes the broken things called for a “super glue fix”. At other times the broken things were swept up and put in the trash. Broken vases, lamps, plates, glasses, etc…. usually mean an accident. There are times in God’s economy when broken things are great teachable moments. Check this out….

This is what the Lord said to me: “Go and buy a clay jar from a potter. 2 Take some of the elders of the people and the priests, and go out to the Valley of Ben Hinnom, near the front of the Potsherd Gate. There speak the words I tell you.
10 “While the people with you are watching, break that jar. 11 Then say this: ‘The Lord All-Powerful says: I will break this nation and this city just as someone breaks a clay jar that cannot be put back together again. The dead people will be buried here in Topheth, because there is no other place for them. (Jeremiah 19:1-2; 10-11 NCV)

God is speaking against the people of Judah and He is going to break them like Jeremiah is breaking the clay jar. God is going to humble the people of Judah because they are so full of themselves and arrogant. They are worshipping other gods, which He detests.

God does His best work with broken people. He is the ONLY ONE who can put my shattered lives and hearts back together. He does the repairs so profoundly that you can’t even see the cracks where I was broken.  Brokenness speaks to humility and repentance. I must come to terms with my humanity and surrender to the Creator of humanity in order to be an effective instrument for Him.

I feel like my life has been broken many times, but He comes to my rescue and picks up the pieces and puts me back together again. He doesn’t miss anything. He knows exactly how I’m put together.

Today I’m choosing to be broken before the Lord so that He can really use me in any way He sees fit.

Pressing On!

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