Bold Praying

I am sometimes afraid to pray bold prayers. I’m afraid that God will actually answer them and I’m afraid that He won’t answer them. I’ve learned to come clean with Him and pray about everything because He knows me completely anyway. He knows I want to pray bold prayers even when I don’t.  David prayed some bold prayers. He had an incredible relationship with God and simply prayed boldly and often.  I like David’s example. Check this out…

6 Lord, hear my prayer,
       and listen when I ask for mercy.
 7 I call to you in times of trouble,
       because you will answer me.


 8 Lord, there is no god like you
       and no works like yours.
 9 Lord, all the nations you have made
       will come and worship you.
       They will honor you.
 10 You are great and you do miracles.
       Only you are God.
 11 Lord, teach me what you want me to do,
       and I will live by your truth.
    Teach me to respect you completely.
 12 Lord, my God, I will praise you with all my heart,
       and I will honor your name forever.
15 But, Lord, you are a God who shows mercy and is kind.
       You don’t become angry quickly.
       You have great love and faithfulness. (Psalm 86:6-12, 15 NCV)

I simply want to talk to God about every single detail of my life. I want to talk to Him about the simplest of things to the most complex.  He can help me with parenting and being a good husband. He can help me serve my clients, customers and my company in Real Estate.  He can help with most mundane tasks as well as very pivotal ones.  Bold praying takes practice as well as a daring and deep faith. I want to grow in this area. I want to pray about everything and worry about NOTHING.

Pressing On!

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