When I was growing up, I learned proper behavior from my parents, grandparents, teachers and even friends. I learned what was illegal behavior and what was lawful. I learned social behavior from family and friends. I learned spiritual behavior from my family, Preacher and Sunday School teachers. Our behavior is a reflection of our heart.  God knows our heart intimately and He sees how our heart and our behavior are so clearly connected. Jesus said, “those who give up their lives for me and for the Good News will have true life. It is worth nothing to them to have the whole world and lose their souls.” (Mark 8:35b-36 NCV)

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”
 The good people who live honest lives
  will be a blessing to their children.
Even children are known by their behavior;
  their actions show if they are innocent and good.
The Lord decides what a person will do;
  no one understands what his life is all about.
The Lord looks deep inside people
  and searches through their thoughts. (Proverbs 20:7,11,24,27 NCV)

 It is crystal clear to me that throughout scripture, God speaks to our behavior.  He notices the little things we do as well as the big things we do. He knows if our motives are bad or good. He is the ultimate judge and accountability partner.

This past week I had the opportunity to hang out with some college friends and play some golf. The fellowship was great. We would sit out near the fire beside the lake and talk about our lives, our journey’s and our family.  We also had the opportunity to discuss some incredible biblical concepts like grace and the Holy Spirit. These are the types of friends that help hold each other accountable for our behavior.  This was our 24th year of getting together to play golf and hang out for a few days. As our trip ended yesterday morning, we stood on the porch to pray before leaving. My heart was moved by the deep faith of these men whom I had been having such rich fellowship and fun with. We all prayed blessings upon the family who allowed us to use their lake house. We also prayed for one another. This prayer time touched me deeply because these are men who supported me with prayer during the time of my son’s battle with cancer. They also supported me with financial gifts. These are life-long friendships that mean so much.

I think life was meant to be lived out with one another. When I have a brother who will ask me hard questions about my journey and my life, I have a true friend. The bottom line is that my behavior matters to God.  My behavior comes out of our heart. I want to honor God in all my behavior—even when I’m acting a bit goofy or “letting my hair down” a bit. I don’t want to party at the expense of my faith. I do want to have lots of fun in this life because of my faith.

 Pressing On!

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