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iwo jima memorialI was reading a book about Lincoln not to long ago that spoke in details about the battles of the Civil War. It was bloody and gruesome at times. There were thousands of young men who gave their lives for a cause much bigger than them. Each battle contributes to the overall war. The Generals who are managing the war are in safe places moving the pieces around on the board strategizing which battle should be next. There are times when the battle comes to them as the enemy makes some unexpected adjustment and with the element of surprise, the course of the war can be changed with one battle.

The Lord constantly has His eye on the “big picture” of the war. He sends His prophet Obadiah to serve Edom notice that they are finished. Check this out….

17 But on Mount Zion some will escape the judgment,

    and it will be a holy place.

The people of Jacob will take back their land

    from those who took it from them.
18 The people of Jacob will be like a fire

    and the people of Joseph like a flame.

But the people of Esau will be like dry stalks.

    The people of Jacob will set them on fire and burn them up. 
There will be no one left of the people of Esau.”
This will happen because the Lord has said it.
19 Then God’s people will regain southern Judah from Edom; they will take back the mountains of Edom.

They will take back the western hills from the Philistines. They will regain the lands of Ephraim and Samaria,
and Benjamin will take over Gilead.
21 Powerful warriors will go up on Mount Zion, where they will rule the people living on Edom’s mountains. And the kingdom will belong to the Lord. (Obadiah 1:17-19, 21 NCV)

The Lord serves as the Ultimate General as I face various battles in my life. He directs my path and helps me fight each battle. With the Lord on my side, I should not fear what the enemy says or does – I can be strong and fight because the battle is the Lords. I can show courage in the face of long odds and impossible circumstance because the Lord is in charge. I will trust Him totally – holding nothing back. He is my King and I serve at His command.

Pressing On!

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