I’ve been to yard sales where you can get a really good deal on something that someone else has decided is no longer useful to them. You can purchase the item at a fraction of the original costs.  You can also sometimes offer less for an item at a  yard sale and they might just take your offer. I call that good negotiating or bargaining.

I’ve tried that with God before. I’ve offered to do something if He will do something in return. I’ve attempted to make bargains with Him. Evidently Asaph was trying to bargain with God on behalf of the people. Check this out….

 8 Don’t punish us for our past sins.
       Show your mercy to us soon,
       because we are helpless!
 9 God our Savior, help us
       so people will praise you.
    Save us and forgive our sins
       so people will honor you.
13 We are your people, the sheep of your flock.
       We will thank you always;
       forever and ever we will praise you. (Psalm 79:8-9;13 NCV)

The thing with bargaining is that someone usually has the upper hand. They bargain from strength and the other bargains from weakness. In successful bargaining, you have to try to understand both positions. You have to be willing to “walk away” or sometimes you have to pay full price.

Trying to bargain with God is not a good idea. If I bargain with God, there’s an assumption that I have something that He needs. He doesn’t need anything I have, but I need everything He has. I should actually approach Him willing to give whatever He asks and go where He says go. There really should not be bargaining with God. I should simply surrender my will to His.

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