As Usual

Man praying with the BibleThere are things that I do pretty much every day without fail. I usually start my day with a cup/pot of coffee. I don’t miss many meals. I can’t think of many days in my life that I’ve missed any meals or not had water or drink. I’ve recently learned of the value of starting my day off with a time of spiritual growth just taking in the Word of God. He speaks through His Word so often and so thoroughly that I can’t miss it.  I came across two simple words that really made me think. Check this out…

39 Jesus went out as usual to the Mount of Olives, and his disciples followed him. (Luke 22:39 NIV)

As usual Jesus prayed.

As usual Jesus led His disciples.

As usual Jesus engaged His disciples.

As usual Jesus found teachable moments.

As usual Jesus walked with integrity.

As usual Jesus healed the sick.

As usual Jesus honored the Father.

I want to see the Lord daily – as usual. I don’t want there to be anything “unusual” about me walking with the Lord daily. I want the way I engage people and work with people to honor Him. I want my integrity to be my “usual behavior”. I want to have routines and usual behavior that honors my Creator.  I don’t want to be “stuck” in some bad behavior or in a rut – I want to be faithful and honorable servant that walks with the Lord in a steady and usual manor to know Him more.   When I walk with the Lord as usual, I’m more prepared for the unusual. As usual, the Lord shows me the way and invites me to come along with Him.

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