Answered Prayer

I can’t count how many times that the Lord has answered my prayers. I have become bolder in my prayer life. There have been times when my prayers were so very desperate and I know the Lord hears my heart through my prayers. My heart has always been His concern.   I have prayed prayers that I thought were unanswered and now I believe that He answered them with a “no” or “not now” instead of the way I wanted things to be.

Elderly man prayingDaniel is a prayer warrior. He has a vision that is quite intimate and interesting. He sees a man standing beside the river. He had people with him who didn’t see it. As he listened to the man speaking, he fell into a deep sleep with his face to the ground. Check this out….

10 Then a hand touched me and set me on my hands and knees. I was so afraid that I was shaking. 11 The man in the vision said to me, “Daniel, God loves you very much. Think carefully about the words I will speak to you, and stand up, because I have been sent to you.” When he said this, I stood up, but I was still shaking.
12 Then the man said to me, “Daniel, do not be afraid. Some time ago you decided to get understanding and to humble yourself before your God. Since that time God has listened to you, and I have come because of your prayers. (Daniel 10:10-12 NCV) 

Daniel’s experience gives me courage and insight to the heart of God. I love the affirmation that God speaks to Daniel through His messengers. I believe that God hears my prayers and notices my heart just like He noticed Daniels heart.  My most important task in life is to guard my heart.  I think it’s so cool that the Lord is really helpful in protecting my heart. I think that this is a significant prayer request of Him to “create in me a clean and pure heart” – a heart like His.

I fully intend for my walk with the Lord to grow and expand as I walk with Him. I want to know Him more and more. I want to pray about everything and worry about nothing. I want to trust Him with everything that I call my own. I want the Lord to come to me and affirm His love for me.

Pressing On!

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