A Sad Prayer

There are times when prayer is desperate cry to God for help. There are other times when prayer can be a gentle conversation with God about direction and council as I journey through life.  The sons of Korah evidently written in part by some guy named, Heman, the Ezrahite. Check this out….

  9 My eyes are weak from crying.
    Lord, I have prayed to you every day;
       I have lifted my hands in prayer to you.
 10 Do you show your miracles for the dead?
       Do their spirits rise up and praise you?
 11 Will your love be told in the grave?
       Will your loyalty be told in the place of death?
 12 Will your miracles be known in the dark grave?
       Will your goodness be known in the land of forgetfulness?
 13 But, Lord, I have called out to you for help;
       every morning I pray to you. (Psalm 88:9-13 NCV) 

When I have prayed all I can pray, I will keep praying.

When I’m so desperate for God, I will pray.

When I don’t understand God, I will pray.

When I’m hurt and in pain, I will pray.

When I’m angry with God, I will pray.

When I’m lost from myself, I will pray.

When I’m sad beyond words, I will pray.

 I will pray no matter what. I will pray when I don’t know what to pray or how to pray. I will pray because I believe God hears my prayers and responds according to His will and His heart.  He ALWAYS knows what’s best and He will ALWAYS be there to listen to my prayer, no matter how long, short or desperate it is.

I will pray every day, throughout the day because only God knows what is ahead and which path I need to take.

Pressing On!

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