A Notable History Lesson

bookOne of my favorite subjects has always been history. In my elementary school days I loved Kentucky history as well as American history. In fact most recently I read a book called “Lincoln – Team of Rivals”.  I love looking back at huge historical moments and how those who went before us lead under such circumstances. I definitely believe that learning about history gives me tremendous insight to my decisions I face today.

Hosea, the prophet takes the people of Israel and Judah on a little bit of a history lesson. It’s right to the point of their current behavior. Check this out….

2 The Lord also has some things against Judah.

    He will punish Israel for what they have done;

    he will give them what they deserve.
3 Their ancestor Jacob held on to his brother’s heel

    while the two of them were being born.

When he grew to be a man,

    he wrestled with God.
4 When Jacob wrestled with the angel and won,

    he cried and asked for his blessing.
 God met with him at Bethel

    and spoke with him there.
5 It was the Lord God All-Powerful;

    the Lord is his great name.
You must return to your God;

    love him, do what is just,

    and always trust in him as your God. (Hosea 12:2-6 NCV)

Sometimes it is incredibly helpful to take a look at where I’ve been. I enjoy going back and reading my journey through my journals. It is enlightening to watch the “ebb and flow” of my walk with the Lord. I’m so reminded of His Presence and His Power throughout my life. Some mornings when I don’t feel Him near – I can remember that He NEVER LEAVES me or forsakes me.

I love the lesson Hosea speaks to the people of Israel & Judah. He reminded them of the Lords great name! He reminded them to return to Him – to love Him and trust Him always.  I needed to be reminded of that today as well. I must always trust Him!

Pressing On!

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