A Call To Worship

Worship is what we give value to and care deeply about. I’ve heard the phrase, “he worships the ground she walks on”. I’ve also been to concerts to see people go crazy over a song about life, love, drinking, leaving, etc…  I believe worship is something I do every day. I choose to give value to something or someone every day of my life. My choices reveal the object of my worship.  The Psalmist is calling us to worship God.  Check this out…

  1 Come, let’s sing for joy to the Lord.
       Let’s shout praises to the Rock who saves us.
 2 Let’s come to him with thanksgiving.
       Let’s sing songs to him,
 3 because the Lord is the great God,
       the great King over all gods.
 4 The deepest places on earth are his,
       and the highest mountains belong to him.
 5 The sea is his because he made it,
       and he created the land with his own hands.
 6 Come, let’s worship him and bow down.
       Let’s kneel before the Lord who made us,
 7 because he is our God
       and we are the people he takes care of,
       the sheep that he tends. (Psalm 95:1-7 NCV)

I’ve heard worship defined as that which my heart shows affection, my mind’s attention upon and my heart’s allegiance to.  Over the past several years I’ve tried to discover the joy of worshipping God with my whole heart and my whole being. I’ve noticed how excited I can get at a basketball game or a football game. I’ve tried to bring that excitement to my worship. I can’t imagine my life without God’s Presence. I want my mind to study Him intellectually and my heart to grow in adoration of Him and my commitment/allegiance to expand daily toward Him. 

Worship for me is a life-long experience. I want to worshipping God on the day I breathe my last breath. I want others to know the joy and peace that comes only from Him. He is so worthy of my praise and my worship!

Pressing On!

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