Marketing Me!!

Marketing Me

I have tried to be an “open book” about who I am and how I am. I’ve tried to be honest and “on point” without exaggeration when it comes to marketing me as a great REALTOR.

This is often the place where we compare ourselves to others. I think this is a mistake. I think that this is the place where I share my work ethic and my goals and my values.  In marketing your home, you are getting my best work. I’m not saying I work harder, or that I’m smarter than any other agent. I can tell you what I will do to help market your home. I will tell you that I invest lots of money on internet advertising. I will tell you honestly what I believe the market says about your home. I will answer calls, fax and emails regarding your home. I know for a fact that price is the number one issue in marketing your home – it has to be priced right.

You can ask me anything about me or about what I do. I’m trying to “wow” you into letting me work for you. I’m trying to tell you in the most simple and plain way that if you’re in the market to sell or buy Real Estate, I’ll work hard for you. I believe I’m successful in Real Estate because I’m sticking to my values of Hard Work, Honesty and Integrity.

You can reach me by Phone, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, pinterest, Google, Active Rain,,, or come by my office at 850 Cedar Street in Carrollton, GA – I’d love to meet you in person!

Pressing On!

Communication via Txt, Email or Phone

Communication is the “life-blood” of relationships of all kinds. Its importance can’t be overestimated. I believe for REALTORS we must communicate carefully, consistently and completely with the people in our lives – our family, customers, colleagues & clients.

The modes of communication have changed rapidly in the last few years. Just over 10 years ago, we didn’t have the number of cell phones or the smart phone technology that we have today. We simply called clients and had a phone conversation.

Today, we have email, text and Facebook messenger to name a few. I think it is important to find out how clients like to be communicated with. I have a lot of clients under age 30 who love texting. I first learned to text because my kids love to text. I can most often get an immediate response from texting and not be able to speak with them on the phone. You can text when in a large meeting, (although it’s still has etiquette issues) when you can’t answer the phone.

Email is closing in on texting as a favored mode of communication, because of the great detail you can add to what’s being communicated. You can attach multiple documents, pictures, etc. to can email. Today’s smart phones have email coming to your phone, so you no longer have to be at your laptop or desktop to email clients. I’ve forwarded contracts, plats and closing statements all from my smart phone.

WARNING! There is a big danger in this type of communication. When texting or emailing there is matter of tone. If I’m not careful, it will seem like I’m frustrated in a text or email when I’m really not. These types of communications do not have emotion included. They are sometimes received with emotion. Sometimes I simply pick up the phone and decide NOT to email or text anymore about a certain subject because of the emotion involved. There are times that even a phone call is too impersonal and a face to face meeting is in order.

Knowing how to communicate with clients is often just as important as WHAT we communicate. The message isn’t a message at all until it’s received and what the client receives is REALLY the message. Communication is VERY CRUCIAL to all our relationships – we must get it right!

Press On!


I love the morning time. Everything seems new and fresh with every new morning. Think about – a new day is beginning. The new day can hold so much promise and hope. It can bring solutions to struggles. It can bring hope to what seems like hopeless situations.  I like to the think of the morning as a “fresh start” on many fronts.  The mistakes of yesterday or now history and I have a new canvas to paint upon today.

Good morning world! Let’s get started!!


Pressing On!


Christmas Giving Is In The Air!

The air is cool, the stores are full & Christmas season is in full swing here in the United States and around the world. This time of year seems to move at “warp speed” if you’re an adult and at a “turtle speed” if you’re a kid!

This is a season of giving like no other.  I love giving gifts to my family, my friends and giving to help others in need. I can hardly wait until Christmas morning when the place will be a mess of wrapping paper and noise…chaos!  My family will pause and give thanks to the good Lord for the most amazing and priceless gift of all – the Hope of Salvation, the Breath of Heaven….Jesus!

God started all this giving stuff by giving first. He wired us to give so let’s go with it and get really good at giving!!

Pressing On!


Press on!

Have you ever had one of those mornings when the clock goes off and you simply can’t move – your muscles are screaming back at you to lay still!  I’m having one of those mornings – however – I’ve decided to push through it and get moving.

I started trying to do some much needed exercise this week. I’ve actually walked a mile each day :-) …um I think I just found the source of why I’m tired and have sore muscles. I know it’s good for me to exercise and get my my body in shape – so I’ll press on through the pain, because there’s good health waiting on the other side.  I have learned over the years that when something seems really hard – it’s usually something worth doing – so push through it.

So instead of blogging about exercising – I’m gonna get my shoes on – do some stretching and go for it!  I know I’m not along in this struggle.

Pressing on!!
Dwayne Hicks
Carrollton, GA

I Killed The Deal!

Sometimes it’s easy to make a mistake and kill the deal.

I had a listing that didn’t look great “on paper”, meaning the sellers were way out of price for what they were describing to me. However, I told my assistant that I would go through the process with them to see exactly where things were.  The people reminded me of my Mom and Dad and out of respect for them, I wanted to give this my best shot. After meeting with them in the office, I set an appointment to go see their property. It was to be after picking up my kids from school.  I didn’t write it down on my calendar.(Big Mistake) My daughter called and asked to do something for her and off I went.  I called the seller today to apologize and they have “made other arrangements”.  I felt bad, mainly because I had not meant to disrespect their time.  I will be looking to see this property in the MLS – Oh Well.

I’ve determined that there are 4 things to do when I make a mistake.

  1. Take responsibility that is really mine
  2. Ask for forgiveness
  3. Make Amends
  4. Move On!

I’m on to present an offer to a seller. I’m writing this blog for therapy too!!  I hate that I make mistakes.

Press On!