I sometimes love routine and I sometimes hate routine.  Routine can be boring and monotonous. I can go through routine without thinking or reflecting – just do it. Routine can mean control, on schedule, on time. I so broke my routine yesterday and went golfing. It was fun, hot & exhilarating! I have to make something clear – I’m a “hacker” not a golfer. I love playing golf with a good friend, but I’m at peace with the fact that I’ll never be a great golfer.  My routine was freaked out a bit, but this 4.5 hour hiatus from work. I actually then went to show a house and I’m working on the contract later this morning!

The opposite of routine for me is sometimes chaos. I feel like I can’t keep up. I feel like my calendar controls me instead of me controlling my calendar. I get a lot done, but I seem to be tossed around by my work instead of working through my task list. I often struggle to be on time outside of routine.

With all of that said, my job as a REALTOR/Broker is anything but routine. I go to the office about the same time every morning and start my day the same way, but then it seems to get a bit crazy from there!!

When school started, earlier this month, I felt my life get back into a bit of a routine. I love my mornings with my son – fixing breakfast and then a quick game of pool before heading to school. This routine works for me and for him. I think in life we need a bit of routine and chaos/spontaneity!  Life would not be nearly as interesting without a few surprises!!

Oh well…. :-)

Schools In Session!!

My youngest son starts back to school today. There’s a part of me that is sad that summer is over and part of me excited about this school year. He is excited about his teachers and they are excited about having him. (I don’t think they are just saying that! :-) )

My three older children have all graduated from the same school system that he’s in. I found a website that ranks the schools. Go here to see where you’re school ranks!

After you see where your school ranks, get involved with the teachers, staff and administration and help your school move up the list to become better.  We parents have a responsibility to invest in our child’s learning and not just depend on the school system to do it for us!  I’m just saying :-)

Dwayne Hicks
Carrollton, GA


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Have a blessed day!!

Dwayne Hicks

Class vs. Cost

I showed a couple of foreclosure homes for sale earlier today. I’m working with a first-time home buyer who is looking for a good deal. The second home we viewed was larger and a bit classier than the first one. The first one was one level and easier upkeep and in his mind less expensive regarding utilities.

Educated buyers should think ahead about the costs of maintaining a home. It’s OK to choose class, but there are always costs that go with it.

Our Contributions Matter

Today I have the opportunity to serve the school where my youngest son is a student. After getting call about a week ago about this event, I immediately checked my schedule and said yes. I had to move some things around.

I believe that we as parents have a responsibility to contribute to the schools that serve our children. I’m not just talking about school supplies – I’m talking support the administration, the teachers and even the superintendent and his staff.

I’m grateful for the opportunity and I will pray for wisdom and discernment so that maybe I’ll have some contributions to make.

Sometimes Today Seems Like Another Day

Have you ever had one of those days that seems like a different day. I’m sitting at home tonight after a busy and packed few days – and it feels like I should go back to work tomorrow. It’s really just Saturday though.  I guess we just get disoriented as to what day it is -especially if our routine is out of sequence. On one hand I have an extra day, on the other hand I could forget what I’m supposed to do today :-/

I’m just going  to have to check my calendar each day and reflect on my “to-do list” and maybe just maybe I’ll keep up with today, tomorrow and the day after that – I’m just saying!