First Impressions Are Very Important!

I encourage sellers to spruce up their home’s exterior, so buyers will have no reason to turn on their heel. Well-chosen improvements can draw buyers into the home and add value. Both the front of your home and yard should say; “This house is loved.”

1. Touch up painted surfaces. Remove peeling paint and repaint the affected areas. This is one of the most economical improvements you can make that truly makes a huge difference.

2.Perk up a front porch. Add large seasonal flowers in big pots, planted window boxes, a new welcome mat, and some comfy furniture. If you already have seating, make sure you clean the upholstery. Repaint or stain worn wooden floorboards in a color that complements the front of the house and door.

3. Make windows sparkle. Use a garden hose to wet outside windows before washing; it helps loosen dirt. Second- or third-story windows may necessitate professional help.

4. Clean dirty masonry. Atmospheric pollution and Mother Nature can take their toll on all types of exterior materials, such as brick and stucco. Use a nylon rather than s steel-bristle brush, and avoid cleansers that damage color and finish.

5. Paint gutters to match trim. You will find a large selection of colors in enamel paints that adhere to metal.

6. Illuminate the site. Too many lights make a walk look like an airport runway. But a home should look safe and attractive. Add a few lights in trees for a special glow.

7. Tidy landscaping. Remove dead trees and leaves, prune overgrown shrubs, edge beds, and plant seasonal flowers. To keep a tip top lawn, you should plant, fertilize, and water according to a schedule that reflects the climate and soil conditions. Instead of traditional mulch, consider GroundScape Landscape, made from shredded recycled tires and colored to simulate natural mulch or wood chips. It’s heavier than mulch so it won’t blow away; and it repels weeds, insects and mold.

8. The Front Entry. A front door should be clearly visible since it’s the entry and focal point for prospects. A polished knocker adds class.

You have just one chance to make a good first impression!

-Dwayne Hicks

High Tech – High Touch!

A lot of real estate ads these days would have you believe that you can find your dream home by logging-on.

Problem is, they haven’t made the software yet that can feel the delight in a child’s heart when they see their new bedroom for the first time, or that can replace the warmth of a new neighbor’s handshake.

High Tech.  It helps.  But real estate is still a High Touch business.

At least for me.

Technology is something I offer…
Caring For People is something I live.

Dwayne Hicks
United Country West Georgia Realty
Carrollton, Georgia


I’ve resisted watching American Idol for the past seasons. I’ve broken down and given up and started enjoying this show. It’s not all about the show – it’s about being prepared and then bringing your best to the stage.

Life is like that – be prepared and bring your best to the dance (work) every single day!!

Success is a by product of hard work and preparation.
Just saying….

Monday is a New Beginning!

I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays. I sometimes love the anticipation that a week brings. On the other hand I hate the prospect of a long work week. It can be even worse if it’s raining – the weather does affect our outlook and attitude. I’m going to decide to look at Monday differently today. My attitude can determine the kind of week I’ll have. I want it to be productive and actually fun. I love my job! I love connecting people with other people and helping them with a purchase or sale! I must have a healthy, honest view of life!! I’m just saying….

Dwayne Hicks

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

I enjoyed watching a television show called Extreme Makeover Home Edition. It is so cool to see actors come together with people of the community to build or rebuild a home for a deserving family. I love seeing people receive gifts and blessings. It is a joy to receive gifts but it’s even more fun to help give gifts. I love this show and how ABC and many other companies come together to lavish people with a home and the furnishings to go with it.

I love being a REALTOR to help people realize their dreams of home ownership or to improve their present situation.

Press on!