Don't WIPEOUT in this market!

My youngest son loves the new show on ABC called  WIPEOUT!  It’s a show of several obstacle courses and people race through the course and try not to wipe out. It is mainly a show of watching people fall badly and without much grace!

I’ve been thinking lately about how many people have wiped out in this dismal economic slide. I’ve had several conversations with people in this market and most everyone is trying to figure out how survive.  My favorite commentator is Dave Ramsey who challenges all of us to dump debt and manage carefully. He teaches a class called Financial Peace and challenges the students to live debt free.

I’m definitely working at getting out debt and staying out of debt. People who have little debt are the ones who are making it fine in these tough times.  Wipe out debt before it wipes you out!

Dwayne Hicks

5 Steps To Getting Started With Social Media

  1. Go to and set up an account. You can set up a Fan Page or a regular Facebook.  I think NAR recommends a Fan Page.  As a REALTOR, you must advertize your broker as you advertise your business.  Be very aware of compliance issues that you need to address with social media.
  2. Start searching for friends and build your friends list or fans list.  After you’ve made a few connections, go to your new friends pages and look through their friends list and request those you know – we are all interconnected!
  3. Think through what you post as a status. Some people are all about work, while others are all about play.  Be aware that people really do read your status and form a perception about you. Keep it balanced with work and play. Don’t always talk about real estate; talk about life in general once in a while as well as your family. Just be you…but be aware of the you people are reading about.
  4. After you master Facebook, check out Twitter. It is similar to Facebook, but it is shorter and more succinct in the status. Go to and set up a free account and complete your profile page like Facebook and then you’re off to “tweet land”!  You can follow people on twitter and have them follow you.  If you’re going to a special class or having a night out with the family, you can “tweet” that to those who follow you. You can also set up twitter to update your Facebook status.  So with twitter, you can “kill two birds with one stone” – when you tweet, you are connecting with your Facebook people as well as people who might follow you on twitter.  I do think it’s funny that others care about what I do – I’m just saying that they do.
  5. The third big piece of social media is Linked In. You can go to and also get connected in a more business like environment. There are many business people who have chosen to stay away from Facebook and Twitter, but they like LinkedIn. I call it Facebook for business people.  You can set up a profile similar to the other two sites and then connect them to each other.  Twitter is great for feeding tons of sites like Facebook and LinkedIn as well as updates to your blog or website.

Make sure that after you get setup in social media – you must keep it current.  People do business with people they KNOW & TRUST!   People have pretty much always been this way –  stay connected and keep building your relationships!

Dwayne Hicks


I sometimes love routine and I sometimes hate routine.  Routine can be boring and monotonous. I can go through routine without thinking or reflecting – just do it. Routine can mean control, on schedule, on time. I so broke my routine yesterday and went golfing. It was fun, hot & exhilarating! I have to make something clear – I’m a “hacker” not a golfer. I love playing golf with a good friend, but I’m at peace with the fact that I’ll never be a great golfer.  My routine was freaked out a bit, but this 4.5 hour hiatus from work. I actually then went to show a house and I’m working on the contract later this morning!

The opposite of routine for me is sometimes chaos. I feel like I can’t keep up. I feel like my calendar controls me instead of me controlling my calendar. I get a lot done, but I seem to be tossed around by my work instead of working through my task list. I often struggle to be on time outside of routine.

With all of that said, my job as a REALTOR/Broker is anything but routine. I go to the office about the same time every morning and start my day the same way, but then it seems to get a bit crazy from there!!

When school started, earlier this month, I felt my life get back into a bit of a routine. I love my mornings with my son – fixing breakfast and then a quick game of pool before heading to school. This routine works for me and for him. I think in life we need a bit of routine and chaos/spontaneity!  Life would not be nearly as interesting without a few surprises!!

Oh well…. :-)

Schools In Session!!

My youngest son starts back to school today. There’s a part of me that is sad that summer is over and part of me excited about this school year. He is excited about his teachers and they are excited about having him. (I don’t think they are just saying that! :-) )

My three older children have all graduated from the same school system that he’s in. I found a website that ranks the schools. Go here to see where you’re school ranks!

After you see where your school ranks, get involved with the teachers, staff and administration and help your school move up the list to become better.  We parents have a responsibility to invest in our child’s learning and not just depend on the school system to do it for us!  I’m just saying :-)

Dwayne Hicks
Carrollton, GA


If you are renting because that’s what you really want –
well, that’s just great.

However, if you would really rather own a home of your own,
RIGHT NOW I can help you do just that.

Low Down Payment – As Low as 3.5% with FHA or 0% Down with Rural Development.
No matter what your situation is, the chances are excellent that you can be in your own home very soon!

Call me at 770-836-0042 (OFFICE)  770-713-5006 (CELL).
There is no charge for this service. However, I ask that you call only if you are SERIOUS about owning a home.

Have a blessed day!!

Dwayne Hicks